About Us

Our Story

Proud to be a female owned and family operated local business.

Owner Lisa Timko

Founded in 2010, Cleveland Espresso is Cleveland’s original espresso bar provider, offering a full coffeehouse experience on location. Founder Lisa Timko launched her company as a home party business model. At that time, the company was called Latte Living. The Latte Living experience allowed party guests to sample high-quality coffeehouse beverages, and learn how to make them. It was an instant success.

Shortly after launching Latte Living, Lisa began to receive requests for events — church functions, corporate meetings, weddings. It was then Lisa realized the real niche market was in coffee catering.

In 2016, Latte Living rebranded under the name Cleveland Espresso. This change emphasized our passion for everything Cleveland – its local organizations, interesting people, history, and pride in being a city that is on the move!

In 2019, we launched our sister company, The Coffee Catering Company, to serve clients outside of the Greater Cleveland market. The Coffee Catering Company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and serves other major Ohio cities as well as areas outside of Ohio including Washington, DC.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a local coffee shop which means you will be left craving our iced almond hazelnut latte until our next event. Sorry, not sorry. 😉

Meet the Team

Can’t do Maxwell House. Loves good wine, s’mores, and her labradoodle. Also a real estate agent with Keller Williams.

Operations Manager
Your drink will be beautiful because he’s a perfectionist. David runs onsite operations. When’s he’s not slinging cappuccinos, he’s in his studio making music.

Client Services Coordinator
Emily is the face of our company. She takes bookings and handles all the admin. Served time in the USAF. When she’s not responding to inquiries, she’s out flying.

Ethan has a passion for understanding measurements and proper coffee etiquette. He’s been with us since the beginning.

Rachel has been with us for years. She is the sweetest person and “on it” when something needs to get done.

Lindsey is a hardworking barista and always on her game at every event!