We can customize your menu with any combination of hot and cold beverages.

Hot Beverages

We offer crafted cappuccinos and lattes, premium espresso, cafe mochas, cafe americanos, caramel macchiatos, hot cocoa, and loose leaf hot teas. Espresso drinks areĀ made with premium Arabica espresso beans freshly roasted for each event. Offering a variety of flavored syrups, simple syrup, and dairy alternatives as well.

Cold Beverages

Generous 16 oz. beverages, iced or frozen, including iced coffee, iced lattes, all natural frappes, 100% fruit smoothies, real fruit infused iced teas, and real lemonade.

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Signature Espresso Bar

Offering new and inventive ways to drink espresso straight up including our Espresso Martini. Great for late night parties around 10pm. We keep the party going.

5-Star Service.

Your guests will be impressed when they see our espresso service at your event. You'll take your party up a notch when you invite us to be a part. If it's worth celebrating, it's worth having us there.


How We Do It

We start by using two commercial espresso machines and lots of really good espresso beans. For outdoor events, we use a Honda Quiet Generator so we don't disturb guests who are trying to enjoy their java.

Outdoor wedding? No problem. We got this! Talk to brides who have used us and they will tell you how much their wedding guests loved us.

Have a corporate function? We come fully equipped to serve your staff or event attendees indoors or outside. Either way, your guests will thank you!