Turning an ordinary event into an extraordinary affair.

Our team provides 5-star service for any level event. From casual to very formal, we've got you covered.

Cleveland Espresso has been providing coffee cart and espresso bar catering service with our full service espresso bar to Cleveland event planners, caterers, private parties, and organizations since 2010. We also offer crushed fruit smoothie bar catering.

Where we left our footprints:

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction VIP Reception
Republican National Convention (Media Reception)
Cleveland's Public Square
Executive Caterers at Landerhaven
Progressive Insurance
Dominion Energy
Integrity Steel
Cleveland Hilton
Stratos Wealth Partners
John Carroll University
Cleveland State University
Red Space
Cleveland Public Auditorium
International Fencing Tournament
Product Collective Conference
Park Place Technologies
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Wells Fargo
GE Lighting
Merz Aesthetics
Automated Packaging
Product Collective Conference
Acts of Violence Film Set (Bruce Willis)
White Boy Rick Film Set (Matthew McConaughey)
I See You Film Set (Helen Hunt)
Last Summer Film Set
and more!

Iced Coffee or Iced Latte
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Espresso Martinis

Option I: Indoor Espresso Bar

Cleveland Espresso offers a full service indoor espresso bar at your location, featuring all your favorite coffeehouse beverages!

We come fully equipped to provide an authentic coffeehouse experience. You just provide the space!

Option II: Outside Setup

Want your espresso outside?

Featuring the same coffeehouse beverages and everything that comes with it, including hot, iced, and frozen beverages! And baristas, of course!

We are so excited about our custom rustic bar being handcrafted for our events - both inside and outside. Outdoor bar shown in picture will be ready mid summer 2018.

We can even bring music and seating. Great for private parties or corporate functions.*

*Ask about outdoor seating. Rental fees may apply.


Healthy Mobile Smoothie Bar

We also provide smoothie bar catering in Greater Cleveland. Request our smoothie bar at your location for special events or as an employee appreciation perk.

Also a great option for health fairs. Our smoothies are 100% crushed fruit with real unsweetened homemade whipped cream for a healthier treat!

Click here for our smoothie page!

Cleveland Espresso Coffee Catering & Mobile Espresso Bar Service - Indoors or Out!

Since 2010 Cleveland Espresso has been providing espresso service to some of Cleveland's finest venues, event planners, and corporations. Offering a full coffeehouse experience, Cleveland Espresso coffee catering is a great idea when you are looking to do something extraordinary for your next event.

Trust us -- people love us! In a big way.



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